Dr Miranda Brawn on ITV’s Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid – various press articles

Newspaper articles regarding Miranda’s prime time breakfast tv appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on 6 June 2016. Topic of discussion was the late Muhammad Ali days after his sad death.







Piers Morgan branded ‘racist’ during Twitter war with Chrissy Teigen after comparing Muhammad Ali to Donald Trump

Testimonials from the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship Winners & Mentees from the Foundation’s Mentoring Programme

On the 15th October 2016, the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation made UK history by launching the first diversity lecture aimed at schoolchildren particularly from a BAME background to help increase all forms of diversity including race.

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship winners and mentees from the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation Mentoring Programme share their views since winning and how the Foundation has helped them.

Testimonials from the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship 2016 Winners:

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation has been a blessing. As a scholar, I’ve been able to attend the inaugural Diversity Leadership lecture, to buy books for my degree and, above all, I’ve benefitted from the wonderful mentoring of Miranda Brawn. 

Miranda has taken an active and genuine interest in my development this year as a next generation diversity leader. She has helped me to secure enjoyable work experience, and has kindly supported my student society – the Oxford University African Caribbean Society – in establishing our Women’s Network and being a speaker at our inaugural event. I’m so happy to have had Miranda Brawn alongside me this year, and I’d encourage you to get involved too.” – Mobeen Salih, University of Oxford, Chair of ACS Society, Future UN Leader and The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship 2016 Winner
 It has been an absolute honour and blessing to be part of the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship’s inaugural cohort, and I am grateful to Miranda and her team for their work. The Foundation, the scholarship programme, the annual Diversity Leadership lecture and what they each stand for are wonderful and resonate with me given my heart for increased diversity and representation in academic and professional environments. However, by far the best part for me in the whole process has been the wonderful counselling and mentorship provided by Miranda herself. 
To have such direct, one-to-one access to someone with such incredible expertise, a stunning repertoire and a stellar track record for success is an honour and a privilege for which I will ever be grateful. But more than that, Miranda has become a friend, and that, for me, is priceless. Miranda has the incredible capacity to see where you are now, in terms of your personal and professional development, and encourage you there, and simultaneously see your potential and where you could and can be given the right investment and strategies, and to nurture you to that point. To anyone thinking of applying, this is a priceless opportunity.” – Imani Jeffers, University of Cambridge, and The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship 2016 Winner.
 ” Winning the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship and mentoring sessions have been a wonderful privilege. Not only will the money help towards funding my university studies but the tailored mentoring sessions by Miranda have helped support me achieve my potential, make a difference to the community and be part of  something worthwhile. In addition, Miranda has also helped me form a relationship with the British Dental Association as part of my diversity initiative where I will be publishing an article with them and speaking to their newly qualified denstists about increasing diversity in the dental industry.”Zahra Haque, A level student, Future Dentist and The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship 2016 Winner.

“I was honoured and appreciative to learn that I was selected as one of the first recipients of The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship with the Prince’s Trust. As a Social Entrepreneur, campaigning to provide more opportunities for young adults from LGBT and BAME backgrounds, I knew working with Miranda Brawn would be the perfect fit. Miranda’s altruism speaks volumes to me. Her focused and personal approach to mentoring instantly put me at ease and I am in awe of her unyielding dedication to the next generation of Diversity Leaders.

As part of the scholarship, I was fortunate enough to secure work experience at the Black Cultural Archives. This gave me an insight into how they run their events and exhibitions as well as introducing me to an influential network. Within a few months of winning the scholarship, Miranda had invited me to meet HRH The Prince of Wales which highlights the networking opportunities offered via Miranda’s mentoring programme. Thanks to Miranda’s generous support, I am several steps closer to achieving my career goals and I highly recommend the scholarship to anyone ready to make profound changes to their future and community.” – Leanne Lashley, Businesswoman, Founder of Miswits and The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship (Prince’s Trust) 2016 Winner.

“The scholarship that I have received has been an eye opening and inspiring experience for me. It has been a great blessing to gain advice from someone who is experienced and wise in the areas that I want to work in when I’m older. The opportunities that I have received have given me motivation to keep working at what I want to achieve, even when it gets difficult. The mentoring sessions on public speaking and confidence building helped me to deliver a diversity talk to my year group on how to increase diversity in the media. This would not have been possible without Miranda’s mentoring and continuous support. 

I would encourage any person who is interested in law and wants to experience things outside of their comfort zone to get involved in the opportunities that are available.” – Savannah Odeyemi, GCSE Student and Future Environmental Lawyer 

 “The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation has been critical in my personal development. The Scholarship enabled me to pursue my career interests in the law, allowing me to undertake work experience and pay part of my tuition fee. I have benefited from mentoring which has helped me to identify my career plans. Most importantly, The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation has demonstrated the significance of giving back and offering other individuals the same opportunity while helping me as a next generation diversity leader.”  Suffian Hussain, Future Lawyer and Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship (Law) 2016 Winner

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship has been a special experience for me! From supporting my personal endeavours, right through to giving me the opportunity to explore and delve into new sectors of employment, Miranda has been the most supportive and hands on mentor one could possibly ask for. 

 It was an absolute honour attending her pioneering Diversity Leadership lecture, and I encourage more young people to apply for the scholarship as you will benefit from an array of work experience opportunities, expert guidance and tailored support for your own personal development!” Jacqueline GOMES-NEVES, Future Politician and the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship (Multi-Sector) 2016 Winner

A few of the scholarship winners for 2016 share their feedback via this You Tube video.


Testimonials from The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation Mentoring Programme:

  Miranda’s mentoring programme helped me get a job offer within 3 weeks after several months of rejection. Miranda’s mentoring is a must for anyone who needs help with their career goals.” – Ahmed, Trainee Accountant, Bradford.

 There are three kinds of people I have come to know in my life. There are sharers who believe in the spirit of community and mutual respect. And there are takers who take what they need without regard for consequences. The third and the rarest are the growers. They see the world through a kaleidoscope and have an innate ability to take elements of potential only so that they can weave through them a narrative of progress and growth. Miranda is one of these growers whom I have come to know and appreciate. Her genuine and passionate interest in my development as a person as well as a professional has been nothing short of inspiring.

 I first met Miranda during her Diversity Leadership Lecture in 2016 hosted at the University of Law. Although I was just an audience, I was so inspired by her conviction to include more diversity in the UK’s workforce that I ended up writing an e-mail asking her to be my mentor. To my surprise, Miranda not only agreed, but also went beyond my expectations. Within thirty minutes of our first mentor-protégé meeting, I was contacted by a senior associate at a prominent law firm, and within a week, I was arranging meetings with influential people both in law and LawTech to help with my work experience and placement. The kind of openness and generosity I have witnessed from Miranda has been truly extraordinary, and I cannot thank her enough for her unyielding support and belief in me to grow into a better person than I am today.”  Edward Byungjin Kang, Full time, GDL Student, University of Law

 Today’s session was truly inspirational. I am so grateful to Miranda for giving me her time. I feel that I am now equipped to pursue the legal career I desire. Miranda has given me the tools and the confidence that I needed. I highly recommend a session if you want to take or regain control of your career!” – Yemi, Personal Assistant and Aspiring Lawyer, London
 “Miranda has been an invaluable source of knowledge and encouragement to me. She has had such a huge impact on boosting my self confidence as well as helping me to make stronger job applications. Despite her busy schedule, I’m amazed at how she always makes time to promptly respond to my questions and give advice as needed. I have benefitted far more than I could have hoped for from her mentoring.” Ayomide Akin-Oteniya, Future Lawyer


Press Release: Dr Miranda Brawn’s You Tube Channel Launch

Miranda Brawn has launched a new You Tube channel to help with business career, diversity requirements and everything else! The videos will consist of a range of topics in association with Miranda Brawn and the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation.
The first set of videos focus on career advice and diversity at the UK history making Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture held at the University of law on 15th October 2016.
Watch the channel and subscribe now via

The Prince’s Trust and The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation join forces to help increase race diversity in Britain

The Prince’s Trust has teamed up with The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation to help a young BAME person become a future success. This will involve a young BAME person from the Trust being awarded a Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship to help them turn their life around and become a future success.RGB-W-Support (2)

The Prince’s Trust said: “The Prince’s Trust is delighted to be working with The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship to provide a young person that has benefited from the work of the Trust with this amazing opportunity to grow, develop and become the very best that they can be through this initiative.”

Miranda Brawn said: “It is truly wonderful for the ‘Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship’ to partner with ‘The Prince’s Trust’. This will help a young BAME person from a disadvantaged background turn their life around and become a future success. To be able to support the charity founded by the HRH Prince of Wales is an amazing opportunity to help increase race diversity within Britain. The winning recipient will have the opportunity to attend the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture in October 2016 which is sponsored by the University of Law.”

The Prince’s Trust is a charity in the United Kingdom founded in 1976 by Charles, Prince of Wales, and Frederick John Pervin to help young people. They run a range of training programmes, provide mentoring support and offer financial grants to build the confidence and motivation of disadvantaged young people. https://www.princes-trust.org.uk/

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation was founded in 2015 by Miranda Brawn to help Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) future leaders become a success, while increasing race diversity and equality in Britain and beyond. The Foundation includes the distribution of scholarships, annual diversity lectures and mentoring programmes. http://mirandabrawn.com/diversity-leadership-foundation-scholarship/