Dr Miranda Brawn’s “Dare to dream big and succeed” THE BEST YOU EXPO LA 2020 speaking gig with Les Brown, Jack Canfield and Mathew Knowles

The largest Professional Development Conference on the planet takes place virtually In Los Angeles, California, US from 1-7 August 2020. This Conference will take place online and can be assessed from all around the world including the UK.

One of the top international speakers include UK based Dr Miranda Brawn Esq who is referred to as: “One of the best women of colour speakers on the planet!” and “as the female version of Tony Robbins and Les Brown” in her teaching style. Miranda’s portfolio career includes being a success coach, professional international public speaker and self-help author.

Miranda joins the world’s best motivational and success expert speakers including Les Brown, Jack Canfield and Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles who are all speaking at this Conference. Millions of people from across the globe are expected to join them.

Miranda will be opening the conference on the first day of The Best You Expo Los Angeles 2020 on the 1st August at 11.30am LA time or 7.30pm London time just before Jack Canfield hits the stage at noon. Her session is in the Inspiration Zone called “Dare to dream big and succeed”.


Dr Miranda Brawn Esq said:I am delighted to share the platform at the best virtual event for Summer 2020 with the best motivational and success global speakers like Les Brown and Jack Canfield. During my inspirational session, you will be able to discover how to find your inner power to enhance your life and dare yourself to achieve your own level of success, while creating more peace and happiness. You will leave my session with more confidence and tips for success from a diverse perspective. I love teaching my global audiences to dream big and have helped so many to achieve their own form of success.”

Miranda inspires and motivates audiences in numerous cities across the UK, as well as countless international locations where she has spoken at some of the best universities and organisations in the world with some of the top global leaders. In her international talks, she teaches the audience how to dare to make their dreams come true. Her most popular catchphrases during her speeches are “Together We Can Change The World”, “Believe in Yourself” and “Dare to Succeed.” For more than two decades she has studied the laws of success and spoken to thousands of successful people to learn from their successes and failures, while achieving her own form of success in the process. Her life purpose is “to educate, inspire and empower people to live their full potential while helping to close the diversity and equality gap.” 

The full speakers list and tickets for The Best You Expo Los Angeles 2020 can be assessed here: https://thebestyouexpo.com/us/buy-your-tickets/

Brixton Blog Press Article – 20th July 2020