Success Coaching Sessions with Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq: Group or One-to-One sessions available from Sunday, 28th March 2021 – Brawn University

Are you ready to build your success?

Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq Coaching Sessions – Brawn University: You have an opportunity to get coached in person by Miranda Brawn. How would you like to ask her any question you want—finances, business, real estate, career—it is all on the table. Get on Brawn University and book your coaching session today!

Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq will give you exclusive guidance to help you achieve your goals and take your life to the next level of success with her proven, tried and tested 20-plus years experience and results!

Build your confidence and much more to start and/or grow your success with the personal, direct, and highly intuitive motivational coaching of the one and only Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq.

When it comes to building your success in an unconventional way, Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq is the Queen! From her early days as a teenage investment banker to her time as an equity sales trader followed by banking lawyer, and now her work includes being an industry-leading international motivational keynote speaker, board advisor and consultant, Miranda has built her own form of success.

Miranda is helping thousands of people around the world achieve their goals and take their life to the next level of success through her coaching and international talks.

Her message resonates with so many people because of her story. She has built her success from her potential, competitive nature, and relentless drive for what she wants. By tuning out the people who told her no, she has become a significant award winning role model to anyone is wants to create a life that is so much more than others ever expected from them.

If you want to exceed expectations, Miranda’s coaching will make you soon realise that you to have the power and the responsibility to build your success and give back to the world so others can benefit from the legacy you leave behind you.

Book Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq for success coaching session(s) – both group and individual sessions are available to students and professionals / executives etc across the globe.

Group Coaching with Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq

What you get:

  • Group meeting up to 10 people with Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq via Skype/Zoom.
  • Sit with Miranda and map out your success each week.
  • Miranda will help you to achieve your goals and create your plan.
  • Single or Six-Week Program: Group 60-minute coaching sessions with Miranda covering a range of key skills each week for success. An introductory “free” coaching session offer if you book the six week program.

Next group sessions will start on Sunday, 28th March 2021 at 3pm (GMT) for students and 5pm (GMT) for professionals / executives.

1-on-1 Coaching with Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq 

What you get:

  • One on one face to face meeting with Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq (or via phone/Skype/Zoom depending on schedules, country and COVID-19 lockdown government restrictions).
  • Sit with Miranda and map out your success and where you want to take it, how big do you want it to be, who’s going to be in it, what are the rules, and what are you willing to do to protect it.
  • Bring your biggest challenges in life and business and Miranda will help you BEAT them.
  • Single or Six-Month Offer: One-on-one 30-minute monthly coaching sessions with Miranda for 6 Months or on an individual basis.

The coaching programmes are designed to transform your life (or certain areas of it), not just add value to it. Miranda wants you to have total clarity of vision, unstoppable confidence in yourself, reach social mastery, become a remarkable leader, and operate on the highest level of performance possible – whatever it is that you need and want the most.

The aim is to provide not only world-class coaching, but also a coaching experience parallel to the Michelin-starred restaurant dining experience.

You would have direct access to Miranda over the course of the programme, and her large network would become your network.

For Miranda’s one-on-one coaching sessions, she works differently with everyone, simply because everyone she works with is different. She does not follow any templates because each time she will design a completely bespoke, perfectly fitted coaching programme for the person in front of her.

Miranda’s personal coaching sessions are a true investment in yourself. The price is dependent upon the complexity of what you will work on and consequently the length of the programme required. She brings enormous value and energy to her clients’ lives and she charges accordingly.

Her clients include students and young professionals to mature professionals / executives, CEO’s and start-up founders etc.

The pricing varies accordingly for students to professionals / executives etc and individual vs block bookings.

Early bird rates are available for those who book their coaching sessions by Sunday, 21st March 2021.

Email for further details and to book your date for success today!