Prof Miranda K. Brawn joins the UK Charity board of the Tessa Jowell Foundation as an Advisory Board Member

The Tessa Jowell Foundation is a registered Charity addressing the huge inequalities in brain cancer treatment, research, survival and care following Baroness Tessa Jowell’s call for action prior to her death.

Miranda joined the board of The Tessa Jowell Foundation in June 2022 to advise on diversity, inclusion, sustainability and goverance across the Board and the rest of the organisation while helping to raise of the profile of the Charity’s work including fundraising.

The current board members include high profile global leaders: William Lewis, Elisabeth Murdoch, Baroness Martha Lane Fox, Alastair Campbell, Brent Hoberman, Charles Allen, James O’Shaughnessy, Sir Keith Mills, Kate Ward, Cllr Mahamed Hashi, Mete Coban MBE and of course Professor Miranda Brawn.