PRESS RELEASE: “Use Your Voice for Inclusion and Belonging” was the theme for The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture 2019

Dr Miranda Brawn: “Use Your Voice for Inclusion and Belonging!”

Multi-award winning Barrister and Founder of the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation is continuing to empower future leaders and close the diversity gap. She is also a Lambeth Equality Commissioner and an international public speaker sharing how to close the diversity gap at a faster pace across the world.

Each year, the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation awards some of the best diversity leaders of our next generation with a scholarship to assist with their funding, mentoring and work experience within their chosen sector. The event is called the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture where eleven educational diversity leadership scholarships were awarded to our next generation diversity leaders from a diverse backgrounds. This included categories across media, fashion, engineering, law, finance, business, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) etc.  

To date, the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation have helped over 50,000 people and have awarded 40 educational diversity scholarships to date. The foundation’s collaborations and partnerships include The Prince’s Trust, Lambeth Council, The Patchwork Foundation, Cancer Research UK and The Palmer Foundation to help increase diversity in local government, politics and STEAM.

The event, which made UK history in 2016, is the brainchild of the foundation’s founder and CEO Dr Miranda Brawn. Brawn is known as one of the UK’s top diversity, equality and inclusion leaders, helping to close the diversity gap in our workforce and across the globe. She won Woman of the Year at this year’s Women in Finance Awards which is Europe’s largest awards event within the finance industry for her excellent diversity and finance work.

This year’s diversity leadership annual lecture made a powerful case on how to move on from talking about diversity to action by using your most powerful tool – your voice – in order to create true inclusion and belonging in the workplace. The theme was “Use Your Voice for Inclusion and Belonging”.  The event was oversubscribed with a packed room full of students and their parents attending from all of the UK including one student who travelled all the way from Wales.

Brawn said:  “It was important for us to highlight how inclusion and belonging are key right now at this year’s leading Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture helping to educate our attendees. I had explained in the lecture that “belonging” in particular is when your insights and contributions are valued, you feel a sense of belonging in your gut. A sense of belonging means that people can bring their full selves to work, and not feel like they are a different person there than at home. It is no longer enough to simply include people at the table for diversity. Now in 2019, it is imperative to amplify everyone’s voices, clear barriers, create true fairness while appreciating each other for our unique backgrounds and personalities.

It is also time to talk about accountability, consequences, promotions and retention within the workplace. What is different today is that the attitudes have changed from “let’s ignore it and sweep it under the carpet to let’s do something about it!” It is important to listen to those who are brave enough to speak up about issues. Inclusion is essential for high performance however many organisations only pay it lip service. There are ways that companies can take to improve inclusion, and thus productivity. The great irony of organisational diversity and inclusion initiatives is that the “inclusion” aspect is often “excluded”. This year’s lecture has highlighted that inclusion and belonging make diversity work and should be our next focus to help close the diversity gap. Last year, our theme was “together we can change the world” which is still relevant. However, we have to take it up to the next level now with inclusion and belonging.”

At the fourth Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture event, which took place on 26 October 2019, at the University of Law, Brawn delivered the annual diversity leadership lecture providing ideas on inclusion and belonging.

Brawn said: “Diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice, and belonging is having that voice be heard. Embracing inclusion can lead to more employees feeling a sense of belonging which is a key requirement in the workplace today. Our history making diversity leadership lecture has trailblazed forward once again by bringing both parents and next generation students together to help us close the diversity gap at a faster pace. We are also moving the conversation from talking about diversity to acting upon inclusion and belonging. How to use your most powerful tool – your voice – to help create real change at a faster pace. My upcoming book is out within the next year or so and will include this plus much more.”

A short video of the Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture 2019 will be available via the You Tube channel.

If you would like to apply for The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Scholarship Programme for 2020/21, you can visit for further information and apply in Spring 2020 once the application process has re-opened.

Lecture Scholarship Winners 2019


Miranda at Lecture 2019

Diversity at the Bar by Dr Miranda Brawn Published by The Association of Women Barristers (AWB) and the Barrister Magazine

Multi-award winning Banker, Barrister, International Public Speaker, Author, Diversity Queen, Social Entrepreneur, Dr Miranda Brawn, shares her views on diversity at the bar. She also explains how her hugely successful education, career and diversity charity, The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation is helping to empower the next generation of leaders across all diversity strands and sectors including law and at the Bar in the UK.

The Association of Women Barristers (AWB) – published 22nd August 2019

The Barrister Magazine – published 6th September 2019

Dr Miranda Brawn’s International Speaking Tour 2019/2020

Dr Miranda Brawn is a professional LAMDA qualified international public speaker who has spoken across the globe including at UK Parliament, schools, colleges, universities, various organisations and events as an events host, after dinner speaker and presenter. Her professional experience combined with her exuberant personality makes her a sought-after public speaker of the highest calibre.

An example of a few of Dr Miranda Brawn’s upcoming keynote international speaking engagements include some of the world’s top universities:

  • The Dormers Well High School, London, UK
  • The University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
  • The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture at the University of Law, UK
  • Women Lawyers Gala, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Harvard University, Massachusetts, US

Her previous speaking engagements have included the following to name but a few:

  • The University of Law, London, UK
  • The University of Brighton, Brighton, UK
  • The University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
  • The University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
  • The University of Kent, Kent, UK
  • TEDx Women Modena, Italy
  • The Speakers House, UK Parliament
  • House of Commons, UK Parliament
  • House of Lords, UK Parliament
  • The LegalEx Show, London, UK
  • St Luke’s Primary School, London, UK
  • Cancer Research UK Women of Influence Fellows Day, London, UK
  • Walthamstow School for Girls, London, UK
  • Jinnah University for Women, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Futur en Seine Festival on diversity, Tech Artificial Intelligence, Paris, Europe
  • Newsweek RegTech Conference, London, UK
  • Pan African Thought first anniversary event, London, UK
  • The Lawyer Conference on RegTech and FinTech, London, UK
  • National Diversity Awards Celebration 2017, London, UK
  • The Audit, Risk & Governance Africa Conference in Mauritius and South Africa (Cape Town)
  • The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lectures, The University of Law, London, UK
  • UBS AG, London, UK
  • White and Case, London, UK
  • Hogan Lovells, London, UK
  • PWC, London, UK
  • The British Dental Association, London, UK

Dr Miranda Brawn is also a judge and an awards host for various powerlists, award ceremonies and events.

Book Dr Miranda Brawn by emailing Miranda via stating all of the relevant details, The Speaker4Schools Charity or via one of her speaking agents:

Miranda Brawn

Previous speaking engagements links include:

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Dr Miranda Brawn featured in Oxford University’s Suffrage Exhibition 2018-2019

Dr Miranda Brawn is featured among the UK’s top female leaders in the University of Oxford’s Suffrage Exhibition from 2018-2019

The Suffrage Wall at the University of Oxford has been created to mark the centenary of women’s suffrage in 2018. Top female leaders from around the UK who represent a variety of occupations from within the Arts, Business, Education, Politics, Science and Sport were invited to become suffrage champions, making a powerful statement about women’s achievements and the continuing need to challenge barriers to gender equality one hundred years since women were first enfranchised.
This is part of the Women in the Humanities initiative which strives to consolidate its international reputation as a centre of excellence in Humanities research and in the advancement of gender equality. To achieve this, it adopts the following strategic aims:

— To create knowledge that develops new perspectives on gender equality. Oxford has the largest concentration of humanities researchers in the world, many of whom focus on women. Their collaboration can produce novel and workable solutions to advancing gender equality.


— To support the University in its promotion of gender equality, recognised by the Vice-Chancellor as a strategic aim for Oxford.