Award-winning Prof Miranda Brawn launches global human rights initiative for women and girls

Professor Miranda Brawn, recent winner of two awards for her inspirational leadership, is to launch a drive to promote gender equality and empower women in the UK and globally.

Prof Brawn is president of The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation (TMBDLF) which she founded eight years ago with a mission to eliminate diversity, equity and inclusion gaps in the professional workplace through education and empowerment for future leaders.

Her new scheme, TMBDLF Global Gender Human Rights, has the goal of advancing women’s and girl’s human rights and eliminating gender discrimination and associated intersectional discrimination.

Due to launch officially on International Women’s Day, Friday 8 March, its aim is to “inspire inclusion”.

Prof Brawn was recently recognised with the African Leadership Organisation’s Top 50 Afro-Caribbean Leadership Award at a ceremony in the House of Lords.

Prof Miranda Brawn with Chair of UN Women UK Baroness Sandy Verma at the House of Lords in January 2024 after winning the Top 50 Afro-Caribbean Leadership Award 2023.

The award showcases inspirational leaders and change-makers who have positively influenced their local communities and the larger UK and global society, changing negative narratives often linked to minorities and people of colour.

Prof Brawn was also listed among the Top 100 UK Influential People 2024 for all nationalities across the UK. 

The Top 100 programme highlights “truly influential people” who affect society and who are making the world a better place.

TMBDLF Global Gender Human Rights (TMBDLF GGHR) aims to fight injustice against women and girls, and support women and girls who face discrimination, stigma, violence and criminalisation.

The programme will encourage social, educational and behaviour change by working with women-led organisations like Action Aid and other gender-based charities as well as granting scholarships.

It complements Prof Brawn’s other roles in this sphere which include being a UN Women UK delegate and ActionAid UK Arise Fund advisory board member.

 “Having had a history of supporting victims of sexual and gender-based violence, I have seen first-hand the difference that support can make to the lives of marginalised women,” said Prof Brawn.

“I am seeking to help support the change of the current status quo by allowing women and girls to claim their equal rights. Around the world and in the UK, women and girls face pervasive discrimination and violence.”

An international lawyer since 2011, she said she is keen to use her legal knowledge and background to fight outdated laws that criminalise “immoral” behaviour by women.

“Pervasive practices such as child marriage and sexual violence are lacking a concerted supportive response,” she said.

“Many women and girls face discrimination in the administration of justice or lack the means to access the system.

“Although governments around the world have promised to protect women in their constitutions and treaties, many women are not able to use the law to claim their rights. This includes right here in the UK!”

Prof Brawn said her advocacy work for equality, diversity and human rights spans nearly three decades, including her previous role as an equality commissioner for Lambeth.

An innovative scholarship “Global Gender Human Rights” will be added to The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation’s existing list of scholarships which include mentoring and funding.

It will help encourage the next generation of human rights leaders in advocacy work for girls and women “in education, the workplace and so much more,” said Prof Brawn.

The ninth Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture in 2024 will be titled “Global Gender Human Rights”.

Prof Brawn said research highlights the importance of her initiative. The United Nations’ gender snapshot in 2023 showed that urgent and determined action is needed to realise true gender equality as part of the update on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

“At the current rate, we risk leaving more than 340 million women and girls in abject poverty by 2030, and an alarming 4% could grapple with extreme food insecurity by that year,” she said.

“Growing vulnerability brought on by human-induced climate change is likely to worsen this outlook, as many as 236 million more women and girls will be food-insecure under a worst-case climate scenario.

“The gender gap in power and leadership positions remains entrenched and, at the current rate of progress, the next generation of women will still spend on average 2.3 more hours per day on unpaid care and domestic work than men.

“No country is within reach of eradicating intimate partner violence, and women’s share of workplace management positions will remain below parity even by 2050.

“Fair progress has been made in girls’ education, but completion rates remain below the universal mark. With the clock ticking, urgency mounts. Even with significant progress in certain sectors, as we approach the halfway mark of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, monumental challenges remain.

“The global pandemic, conflict, the climate crisis, and a harsh backlash against women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights are further diminishing the outlook for gender equality.

“Violence against women remains high; global health, climate, and humanitarian crises have further increased risks of violence, especially for the most vulnerable women and girls; and women feel more unsafe than they did before the pandemic.

“In countries as diverse as Afghanistan and the US, women and girls now have fewer rights than their mothers and grandmothers did.

“Gender equality, besides being a fundamental human right, is essential to achieve peaceful societies, with full human potential and sustainable development. Moreover, it has been shown that empowering women spurs productivity and economic growth.

“Every day, in every country in the world, women are confronted by discrimination and inequality.”

Email The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation – – for more information about the TMBDLF Global Gender Human Rights”initiative.

Prof Miranda K. Brawn is the first Honorary Professor of Business and Law at London’s University of Roehampton

PROFESSOR MIRANDA K. Brawn has been awarded an honorary professorship in business and law which is the first honorary professorship for the University of Roehampton in August 2023.

She will work alongside academics while lecturing and mentoring the students at the Roehampton University’s Business School and Law School. She will share her experiences of being a highly successful businesswoman and senior corporate lawyer for decades while also raising the profile of her much-needed diversity, inclusion, equity and sustainability work.

The collaboration will enable Professor Brawn to complete her research report called ‘The Brawn Review: Sustainability, Inclusion and Corporate Governance’. This was commenced during her tenor at Oxford University between 2022 and 2023 as a senior visiting fellow.

The award was presented in recognition of Miranda’s contribution to business, finance, law, education, charity, diversity, inclusion, sustainability and boardroom equity for over three decades. This includes the charity which she founded on the 4th of January 2016 called ‘The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation’. They are launching a new podcast on the day of their 8th Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture during UK Black History Month next month called ‘D.A.R.E.’ (a podcast with Professor Miranda K. Brawn) interviewing the UK’s most successful and daring leaders.

She is a highly respected leader where her high profile, expertise, experience and influence will undoubtedly bring benefit and real positive impact to the University of Roehampton and the lives of people in the community.

Her work over the years have demonstrated a commitment to reducing inequalities across all sectors including healthcare as part of her new role starting on the 1st of January 2023 as a non-executive director on the board of Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust in London.

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture hosted by global law firm Hogan Lovells International is called “Addressing ESG+H(ealth) Inequalities” this year with a list of influential healthcare CEO’s, House of Commons’ Wes Streeting MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care of the United Kingdom and Professor Miranda K. Brawn delivering the annual lecture sharing views on how to close the health inequalities gap. Music will be by ‘Black Living Donors’ where Miranda is their first Patron to help raise the awareness of the importance of black kidney donations among the black community to help save lives and improve health conditions overall for everyone of all races and backgrounds.

Further information is on the University of Roehampton Website about Professor Miranda Brawn’s Honorary Professorship:

The D.A.R.E. Podcast – a new #successfulmindset podcast series has launched with host Prof Miranda K. Brawn

PROFESSOR Miranda Brawn has launched a podcast series to encourage successful mindsets which she will herself host and produce featuring guests including actress and producer Chizzy Akudolu, Barrister and ITV The Chase’s Shaun Wallace, Former England Footballer Andrew Cole and Second Female Lord Mayor of London Dame Fiona Woolf, House of Lords Member and Breast Cancer Now CEO Baroness Delyth Morgan, Sixth Black Female King’s Counsel in the UK Nneka Akudolu, KPMG’s first Black Board Member John McCalla-Leacy, BBC’s Bargain Hunt’s Danny Sebastian, Reed Smith’s Senior Managing Partner Tamara Box, Actress and Writer Michelle Gayle – and many more.

Professor Miranda K. Brawn will host and produce The D.A.R.E. a successful mindset Podcast starting 11 January 2024.

The podcast will be available on all the usual podcasting platforms such as you tube, apple podcast, spotify, amazon music and audible.

The podcast is launching through Miranda’s registered charity, The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation (, which she founded eight years ago on 4th January 2016, aims to eliminate the diversity, equity and inclusion gaps in the professional workplace through education and empowerment for future leaders in the UK and around the world. It has helped thousands of diverse young people and organisations with a ripple effect of millions over the years where many scholarship winners have gone on to have launch their own diversity platforms to continue the work of helping our next generation of diverse leaders to succeed. 

In a trailer for the new podcast series, Miranda discusses the battles, challenges and successes with her podcast guests including sharing their career journey and what they dare the audience which is aimed at everyone from students in the classroom to professionals starting their careers, aiming for promotion up to C-suite and boardroom while covering all industries with the right mindset to succeed and achieve their goals. 

Available monthly from 11 January 2024, the D.A.R.E. Podcast will create a space where everyone who wants to achieve happiness and success in their lives – and those who wish to connect more with their mindset in the right way – can hear straight from the mouths of successful people living their own dreams while daring to trailblaze for others to follow. 

Each month, celebrated leaders, as well as stars of stage and screen will invite listeners inside their own mindsets to share some secrets of success.

The first series of the podcast features Dame Fiona Woolf on 11th January 2024, followed by Chizzy Akudolu at the end of January 2024 who take us on their own personal journeys through what has dared them to influence their lives in a successful way to inspire, empower and motivate others to do the same.

You can watch the first few episodes out now via the below links and subscribe to listen every month:
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The brand-new podcast series will delve into the hearts of the guests we love the most and will also feature contributions from Founder and CEO, Professor Miranda Brawn, who will let listeners in on some of her all-time favourite success tips and her own journey during our conversations.

Podcast guests have said: ‘I hope that this podcast will inspire listeners to new successful adventures… those wishing to change their lives for the better…..find the inspiration which set their imaginations and lives alight’

Professor Miranda Brawn: “By listening to this podcast, you will learn how to refocus your mindset and thought processes while being inspired and motivated to go out there and live your best life.”

The D.A.R.E. podcast host and producer Professor Miranda K. Brawn is the Founder & CEO of The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation (, global motivational speaker, the world’s fastest Success Mindset Coach also known as ‘The 60 Second Coach’ and a multi-sector boardroom advisor.

Miranda is also the creator of the “D.A.R.E.” Method. D.A.R.E. stands for having the determination to dream bigger and to decide to go it with a calculated risk focused action plan and daily affirmations while having a realistic assessment of your skills gap and the resilience to make it happen with the right energy full of positivity.

Her guests will include amazing global leaders and celebrities who are highly successful within their fields. This will be across all industries including law, business, entertainment, media, sports, charity, finance, technology, engineering, healthcare, entrepreneurship, politics, fashion, music and much more.

D.A.R.E. is an original podcast series, providing practical insights for people of all ages and backgrounds from the classroom to the boardroom and everything in between. So, whether you are at school thinking about your career plans, new to the world of work, an experienced professional looking to progress your career further or a board member looking to diversify your expertise and learn from others on how to have a greater impact, this podcast aims to help you!

You can get to know the people behind their success stories and hear some real talk about their journey, successful mindsets and what they “dare” the audience to do to be successful and happy in their lives.

Featuring some of the upcoming podcast guests who have already recorded their episodes:

• Dame Fiona Woolf, lawyer, former Lord Mayor of London and second female ever since 1189, CMS Partner and Patron of The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation (TMBDLF).

• Chizzy Akudolu, an award-winning British actress, writer, producer, comedienne and TV personality. Also, a celebrity ambassador and mentor for The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation.

• Shaun Wallace, the first and only black person to ever win Mastermind, Barrister, Dark Destroyer on ITV’s The Chase and celebrity ambassador for The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation.

Other podcast guests to be featured in 2024 with many more to be announced:

• Baroness Brenda Hale of Richmond, is a British judge who served as the first female President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom from 2017 until her retirement in 2020. In 2004, she joined the House of Lords as Lord of Appeal in Ordinary and the once again the only woman to have been appointed.

• Baroness Delyth Morgan of Drefelin, is a crossbench peer in the House of Lords of the United Kingdom and the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Breast Cancer Now.

• Andrew Cole, former award-winning professional English footballer from 1998 to 2008, and is mostly remembered for his time with Manchester United and playing for England internationally also known as Andy Cole during this time. Also, a Kidney Research UK ambassador where he launched the Andy Cole Fund to help increase black kidney donors.

• John McCalla-Leacy, is Global Head of ESG at KPMG, Vice Chair of KPMG UK and the first black person on the board of a Big Four global professional services company.

• Nneka Akudolu KC, sixth Black Female King’s Counsel in the UK, a criminal practitioner who took silk in March 2022 and a mentor for The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation.

• Wes Streeting MP, a British politician and the Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and author sharing his rise from poverty in the East End of London to the Palace of Westminster via Cambridge University. He was also the keynote opening speaker for The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Annual Lecture 2023 on “Addressing ESG+H(ealth) Inequalities.

• Danny Sebastian, a self-taught antique dealer for nearly 20 years who was born in Dominica and is now an expert television presenter on BBC’s “Bargain Hunt”, “Junk Resecue” for Cbeebies and “Street Auction”. He is a celebrity ambassador for The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation.

• Tamara Box, a Managing Partner at global law firm Reed Smith and a board member. She is listed as the Financial News’s Fifty Most Influential Lawyers. She is also a supporter  for The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation where Reed Smith sponsors their Neurodiversity and Disability Scholarship each year.

• Terri Duhon, a financial market expert with over 25 years of experience in financial markets, author, Associate Fellow at the Said Business School and she sits on the boards of Morgan Stanley International, Morgan Stanley Investment Management Ltd and Rathbone Brothers PLC board. She is an ambassador and mentor for The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation.

• Michelle Gayle, an actor, singer, writer and co-founder of ‘The World Reimagined’. She played Hattie Tavernier in Eastenders; had six top 20 hits; sold a million records, with Sweetness the biggest hit; and has been nominated for multiple Brit Awards. A regular television contributor and until 2023 played Hermione Granger in the multi award winning play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

• Jane Shepherdson CBE, Chair of My Wardrobe HQ (IUK’s top luxury fashion rental), Sustainable Fashion Industry Expert, Director of London Fashion Fund, Smartworks Trustee, Former CEO part-owner of Whistles and Topshop Brand Director where she was single-handedly responsible for the success story that is Topshop, also known as the fairy godmother of the high street.

• Ann Cairns, was formerly, the Global Chair of the 30% Club, lead non-executive board member of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy ( BEIS ), President of International Markets for Mastercard and Chair of ICE Clear Europe having had an extensive and successful career in the financial sector. She is now a portfolio board director and continues to be gender equality advocate.

• Dr Andy Palmer CMG, an automotive executive and engineer with more than 40 years’ experience. He has been described as the ‘Godfather of EVs’ due to his work launching the Nissan Leaf in 2010 whilst COO of Nissan and CEO of Aston Martin Lagonda. Today, he is the Founder/CEO of Palmer Automotive Ltd and CEO of Podpoint, a UK provider of electric vehicle charging station. He is also an ambassador and mentor of The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation.

We have a waiting list of further highly successful podcast guests who will also be joining us throughout 2024/25.

Prof Miranda Brawn Biography taken from an editor extract from ‘Diversity Business Magazine’

Written by editor in Q4 2022

You could say Miranda Brawn has everything a successful woman needs: legal and business degrees, a top role at Oxford University focused on ‘The Brawn Review’ to enable boardroom inclusion and sustainability to accompany her portfolio board career, a closet full of power suits that fits impeccably, and — always — a bold lipstick with a smile that lights up a room with her infectious positive energy while turning heads. The businesswoman’s strong pout and natural curls have become engrained into her signature style.

Coco Chanel’s “add more lipstick and attack” philosophy pretty much describes Miranda Brawn to a T. Between absolutely thriving in her own portfolio career, she has yet to reveal her secrets to juggling all her roles so gracefully. She has shattered every stigma that says makeup and stylish ladies like you and me will never be taken seriously.

Multi award-winning diversity, inclusion and sustainability superstar Professor Miranda K. Brawn has had a blockbuster 2022, bagging a few new board seats to accompany her current board roles such as a global electrical vehicle company called Switch Mobility Ltd which is led by Britain’s richest family Billionaire Hinduja Brothers, with Hinduja Group’s Ashok Leyland as their parent company.

Her new board roles include a LawTech start-up, an artificial intelligence start-up based in Singapore and one of the UK’s largest NHS Foundation Trusts while accepting the offer of a top role as a Senior Visiting Fellow at the UK’s number one university, The University of Oxford. She is researching, mentoring and lecturing on “The Brawn Review” which is an independent report on boardroom sustainability, inclusion and corporate governance backed by global organisations and leaders. She has also launched ‘Monday’s with Miranda’ which are group mentoring sessions held at Oxford University on Mondays to mentor our next generation of leaders in an informal setting and to accompany her 60 second success coaching.

Miranda has joined the elite rank of board directors who have served as both executive and non-executive to name a few accomplishments including being a candidate for the Alderman role in the City of London earlier this year. As a media contributor for various global media platforms including as one of Bloomberg’s New Voices last year and an international public speaker for over 10 years, Miranda speaks around the world at various schools, universities, organisations, seminars, conferences and in the media to share her expertise, experience and knowledge. This is mostly on how to make the boardroom and workplace more diverse, inclusive and sustainable through innovative growth with the appropriate risk management and corporate governance techniques. She does this while inspiring and motivating our next and current generation of leaders helping to make the transition from the classroom to the workplace and eventually the boardroom.

Miranda is emblematic of a bold new class of female board director stars (think Ann Cairns, Dame Helena Morrissey, Dame Sharon White in the UK or Melody Hobson, Debra Lee and Ursula Burns in the US to name but a few) who embrace an unapologetically leadership style that once fell exclusively under the domain of middle-aged white male board directors. Thousands of young female and diverse followers —whom Miranda calls “darlings” and “future leaders”—cannot get enough through her award-winning UK registered Charity, The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation ( which launched the UK’s first black women on boards initiative and first diversity leadership lecture of its kind in 2016.

While rising to the highest ranks within various industries including corporate where CEO’s now report into her within the Boardroom and within Academia, Miranda also has a social media tag called #CurlyHairProfessor. This is because she wants to redefine the way curly hair is perceived within professional environments. She wants to push the message and realisation that curly hair is professional. Instead of trying to fit in Miranda has built a successful personal brand on being her authentic self and on many occasions ahead of her time where she stands out as an innovative trailblazer leader inspiring many from all levels to follow.

Miranda was born and raised in Leytonstone, a diverse neighbourhood in East London where she was educated in Woodford Green and Loughton both based in Essex. A former fashion and beauty model, she entered the world of banking and became one of the first women of colour on London’s trading floor working for one of the top global investment banks. Throughout her career, she has worked with multiple billion-dollar and trillion-dollar global companies with a glamorous style that stands out proving that you can be beautiful and intelligent with a powerful voice that commands respect. She achieved her childhood dream of becoming a lawyer while being called to the Bar of England and Wales in her 30’s where she officially became a barrister-at-law. This proved that it is never too late to achieve a goal after spending the first part of her career as an investment banker, senior financial services executive and hedge fund sales trader. As part of her portfolio career, she has also been a brand ambassador for top luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo, Piaget, Chanel and female led founders The Fold London and Libby London.

Today, she is planning a 2023/24 book and public speaking world tour, where there is also Hollywood interest from film producers to produce a film on her life based upon her upcoming book. This includes the main success tips from some of the richest and most successful people in the world that Miranda has either worked or networked with over the years.

In Her Words on one of her Success Tips: “If you do not ask, you do not get” she says. “I like to spread kindness around like confetti and wish to leave a legacy to help others whereever I go especially through The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation. We have created our own family of amazing leaders who radiate kindness and are just good people. Life is too short to associate yourself with anyone less than that! I love the quote that states: ‘You are a true success when you help others. Be successful!’” 

Success Edge: The unique variety that Miranda demonstrates throughout her career, as well as in her personal obligations, makes her stand out with her multi-sector portfolio career proving that having transferrable skills really does work and equate to success in the 21st century.

After nearly 30 years, I am literally just scratching the surface! Watch this space because I truly feel that I have only just began she says with a wink and a cheeky smile followed by her trademark laugh. As a self-confessed hugger, she departs with a warm hug and happy glow on her face on to her next diary appointment. This is to deliver her keynote talk at a ‘Women in the Boardroom’ global conference in her ‘The Fold London’ dress and ‘Jimmy Choo’ heels while clutching her black and gold ‘Hermes Birkin’ bag with her signature bold red lipstick and long naturally curly brown hair flowing behind her. 

Prof Miranda K. Brawn joins the UK Charity board of the Tessa Jowell Foundation as an Advisory Board Member

The Tessa Jowell Foundation is a registered Charity addressing the huge inequalities in brain cancer treatment, research, survival and care following Baroness Tessa Jowell’s call for action prior to her death.

Miranda joined the board of The Tessa Jowell Foundation in June 2022 to advise on diversity, inclusion, sustainability and goverance across the Board and the rest of the organisation while helping to raise of the profile of the Charity’s work including fundraising.

The current board members include high profile global leaders: William Lewis, Elisabeth Murdoch, Baroness Martha Lane Fox, Alastair Campbell, Brent Hoberman, Charles Allen, James O’Shaughnessy, Sir Keith Mills, Kate Ward, Cllr Mahamed Hashi, Mete Coban MBE and of course Professor Miranda Brawn.

Professor Miranda Brawn joins the board of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust as Non-Executive Director

Professor Miranda Brawn has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director at Guy’s and St Thomas’ with effect from 1 January 2023.  

Miranda has wide ranging experience as a Non-Executive Director spanning financial services, law, academia, technology, engineering, health, policy and the charity sector. Prior to joining the Bar of England and Wales as a barrister and senior banking lawyer she worked as an investment banker.

She has served as an Equality Commissioner for Lambeth Council and is President and Board Chair of The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation. Miranda is also a Senior Visiting Fellow at Oxford University lecturing, mentoring and researching The Brawn Review on boardroom sustainability and inclusion.

Nilkunj Dodhia has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director with effect from 1 July 2023. He is currently a Non-Executive Director at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, a position he has held since November 2015. He is also a Director at Oracle Cerner, and has a particular interest in digital transformation with experience across telecommunications, healthcare and financial services.

Both appointments were approved by the Council of Governors at their meeting on Wednesday 23 November and are for a 4 year term.

Trust Chairman, Charles Alexander, said: “I am delighted that we will be welcoming Miranda to the Board in the new year, and that Nilkunj will be joining us later in the year.

“Miranda brings a wealth of experience to the role with her background in the financial, legal and business sectors, and also as a champion of equality, diversity and inclusion. Her strong links to the communities we serve in south east London will be invaluable.

“Nilkunj will join the Board in the summer, and we look forward to benefiting from his experience of digital technology and transformation as the Trust seeks to ensure maximum benefit for patients and staff from the implementation of a new electronic health record system.”

Professor Miranda Brawn said: “I am delighted to be joining the Board of Guy’s and St Thomas’ and look forward to playing an active part in the delivery of NHS services to the diverse local communities in south east and north west London, and also the many patients who come to the Trust’s hospitals from a wider area for highly specialist care.”

The governors also approved the appointment of Baroness Sally Morgan for a further 4 year term, to 31 December 2026. Prior to the merger with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in February 2021, Sally was appointed as Chair of the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust Board of Directors on 1 January 2017. She is currently Master at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge. Sally also chaired the House of Lord’s Select Committee on Digital Skills and was a member of the Science and Technology Select Committee.

At their previous meeting the governors extended the current term of John Pelly, who chairs the Trust’s Audit and Risk Committee, by six months to 30 June 2023.


The Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust are one of the UK’s largest and most successful NHS Foundation Trusts which comprises of 5 of the UK’s best known hospitals with long history of high quality care, clinical excellence, research, education and innovation, accountable to Parliament and regulated by NHS England. NHS Foundation Trusts devolve decision making from central government to local organisations and communities providing and developing healthcare.

More than 2.5 million patient contacts, 127,000 day cases, 101,000 inpatients, 186,000 emergency attendances, 641,000 community services patience contacts, more than 6,600 babies born with nearly 24,000 staff as one of the biggest local employers and management of £2.6 billion annual turnover.

Miranda is using her expertise and transferable skills on how to approach the operational/strategic challenges through performance monitoring while working towards meeting agreed targets and opportunities. Helping to achieve the set objectives by using her lived experiences and knowledge to formulate fresh ideas, make a positive difference and bring an independent oversight with constructive challenge and management support while focusing on diversity and inclusion, risk management and internal controls in a highly regulated environment.

Five hospitals forming the Guy’s and St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust

Guy’s Hospital

Royal Brompton Hospital

St Thomas’ Hospital

Harefield Hospital

Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Inclusion and Sustainability in the Boardroom: Introducing The Brawn Review | Ep. 61

Professor Miranda Brawn shares her work on The Brawn Review: Boardroom Sustainability, Inclusion and Corporate Governance, and The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation, along with the outcomes she is working towards through each of these initiatives.

Our conversation spans diversity, sustainability, and inclusion, particularly as it applies to the boardroom; the role that boards play in improving their and their organisation’s diversity, sustainability, and inclusion; why there hasn’t been faster progress in board diversity despite the many programs and initiative available; and how diverse individuals can put themselves forward for leadership roles, particularly board roles.

If you want to participate in The Brawn Review survey, reach out to Professor Brawn via Keble College, Oxford University before 16 December 2022.

Miranda K. Brawn joins X0PA AI Tech Company as Board of Advisor

X0PA AI is delighted to announce Professor Miranda K. Brawn has recently joined as member of our Advisory Board in Q4 2022.

Leading business expert and lawyer Professor Miranda K. Brawn is a highly sought-after board advisor and non-executive director for various corporations and some of the fastest growing start-ups. With experience and insights spanning across different sectors including law, financial services, technology (e.g., artificial intelligence), engineering (e.g., electrical vehicles), arts, charity, media, education, government, and public policy. 

Alongside her consultancy, coaching and international public speaking work, she provides advice on strategy, growth, and innovation especially regarding diversity, equity, inclusion (DE&I), sustainability, ESG, corporate governance and risk issues in her areas of expertise. 

Also sharing her career journey and success tips to inspire and empower others from students to the boardroom via her registered charity The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation (TMBDLF). She is also a Senior Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford researching “The Brawn Review” while lecturing at the world’s number one university. Prior to joining the Bar of England and Wales as a barrister and senior banking lawyer, Miranda worked as an investment banker for top tier investment banks and then as a hedge fund sales trader.

“We are thrilled to welcome Miranda to our Board of Advisors and excited to work with her and leverage her experience as we scale X0PA to next phase of its growth.” said Nina Alag Suri, CEO- Founder of X0PA AI. “Miranda is as passionate about inclusion as we are at X0PA, and we look forward to working together to build on our mission of bias free and equitable hiring.”

About X0PA AI
X0PA AI offers B2B SaaS solutions powered by AI that enhance people’s decisions through predictive analytics on big data. Using AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Automation, X0PA automates routine tasks and offers predictive analytics and data-driven insights, bringing productivities and efficiencies of selections at scale.  X0PA is a long-term Microsoft partner developing cloud-based tools and products to enhance the hiring process and selection processes for governments, academic institutions, and enterprises.