The Launch of #The60SecondCoach with Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq on BBC Radio!

Welcome to the Launch of #The60SecondCoach! This is your opportunity to get “Success Building Made Simple” in 60 seconds. Each week a 60 second video will be available to give you a taster of Miranda’s coaching programs.

Success is not about luck or intelligence. It is about persistence, determination, discipline, and making good informed decisions. Your first good decision when it comes to becoming successful is investing in yourself, so invest in yourself TODAY, before it is too late! This may be investing your time which can be as little as 60 seconds to watch Miranda’s videos on success tips and/or to book a personal coaching session with Miranda for 30 or 60 minutes.

You can contact Miranda’s team to book a group or individual session for success using tried and tested proven formulas.

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These days everyone is a life coach. Simply attend a networking event and an endless stream of former something-or-others stand ready to help you find your authentic self, chase your passion, or strike balance in a lopsided world. Hire the right one for the right reasons and over time, you will make progress. You might even capture that ever-elusive ROI. Make a misstep however, and you will simply spin your wheels chasing an ill-defined ideal with a well-intentioned stranger.

So what should you do if you are short on time, patience, or financial wherewithal? What if you are focused on a specific goal and the thought of a broad-based, soul-stirring conversation leaves you motion sick? 

Contact Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq to book a personal coaching session via and/or for more information on how she can help you achieve your goal of success!

So are you going to book Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq for success? Be quick because there is an early bird rate if you book by 21st March for the 28th March group sessions which is available for both students and professionals! Alternatively, you can book Miranda for individual coaching sessions.

Further details can be located in the previous post which has been included below for ease of reference.

Dr Miranda K. Brawn Esq will also be on ‘BBC Radio’ to celebrate the launch of “The 60 Second Coach” on 7th March 2021! This will also be available globally on ‘BBC Sounds’ from International Women’s Day 2021 on 8th March 2021.